I graduated what?

It is crazy to think that I graduated college in May of 2019. That was my third graduation in college (I completed a dietetic internship, masters, and bachelors). And to think before that, I was in high school, middle school, elementary, and pre-school. On May 10, 2019, I lost my identity as a student and was now on my way to work in the real world in just three days. 

I always had a knack for learning. Going to school was very rewarding and challenging at times. I always accepted the challenge and loved getting feedback that made me feel confident as a student. I have a curious mind and asked lots of questions. Following directions was simple for me; just give me a syllabus, let me sit in the front row, and I will work hard to get straight A’s. If I mess up, I will receive direct feedback and will do better next time. And if I get an A, I’ll feel a sense of self-pride. 

When I graduated from college this year, I lost a part of myself. I was now perceived as the expert. I now make the calls...everything is based upon my judgement. As liberating as this may feel, it was terrifying. Seven years of college to prepare me to become registered dietitian, however, there is a comfort and security in the classroom. There is quite a difference when you’re responsible for actual people’s nutrition status (not the same feeling as a case study).

It was an emotional rollercoaster starting my first dietitian job and finding my voice as a working professional. It was difficult not getting direct feedback in simple letter grades, but rather being notified you may be placing a patient in harm's way. There are no A’s or C’s - only if you did something wrong, you’ll likely hear about it. 

It has also been a challenge to develop my own views and perspectives as a dietitian. I realize they may change (or they may not), but there is such beauty and confidence that comes from leaving your comfort zone. I feel I have a voice in this field. And although I am not ready to shout out from the mountains, I am finding small ways to express who I am as a dietitian, my values, and my opinions. 

There is great fear of putting yourself out there. Fear of criticism, fear of failure, and fear of being wrong. But life is so rewarding when we decide to overcome fear and trust in our abilities and our dreams. So here I am, a newly registered dietitian, a new blogger, still trying to narrow down her niche. But I am much closer than those who are not even trying. 

Keep chasing your dreams. You can do anything, but please remember, you are responsible

for making them come true. Sitting around thinking about your goals will not make them a reality. You are more capable than you realize and I keep reminding myself the same. We are our greatest limitation and also our greatest strength. Keep believing in yourself and in your abilities. You are in charge of your future...make it a great one.

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