Being a woman

I love being a woman.  I love the color pink and wearing dresses.  I love being feminine and nurturing. I love that I am emotional,  grateful, and empathetic. Not that every woman is these things, but I think these are common stereotypes about women that hold true to me and my personality.

Growing up, being a woman meant that my body was looked at.  If I wore dresses or skirts above my knee I was a “slut.” Or If I wore shorts with my big thighs or a V-neck, I was “asking for it.”  I was never thin enough.  My body was the most important thing about me.  It was my focus, my goal, and my purpose. To be thin meant to be loved, to be successful, and to be worthy.  To be thin was the greatest thing you could be, right?

Being a woman, I have hated my body and have tortured it.  I have abused it along with my mind, all to be a particular weight or size.  Our culture makes us feel this way. We are not born into this world hating our bodies, we are taught to.  We are taught that dieting is appropriate, that spending hours researching the new latest fad is ok, and that not feeling adequate due to our size is acceptable.

Focusing so much on your body, food, and weight is all a distraction from something fundamental…YOUR LIFE.  Being a woman, I had an instinct that there is more to life than chronic dieting, depression, and self-loathing; there was more I was made for.

I consider my self a very powerful and driven woman for the work I put myself through.  I pushed myself through a lot of mental work to recover from my eating disorder and to see my body not for the size it is, but for all that it does.  I have worked so hard through seven years of college and earned a 4.0 GPA. I have completed my own research and thesis and now have started a blog. My story has just begun and will continue to be written because I have so much time and energy from not trying to change my size.

Being a woman means we are more than our bodies. We are powerful.  We are what brings life into this world. We can do anything we put our minds to, whether it is to continue to fight for equality, start a business, create a family, or all three. Nothing can hold us back. Take a moment today and reflect on what makes you so incredible as a woman.  What will you do with your superpower?

Love always,